Monday, March 26, 2012


Have you looked back at your life and pondered the possibilities? 
Have you connected your dots or found the link to a better and more fulfilling life?

Growing up on the beautiful island of Barbados has been a great blessing in my life. I have had the opportunity to live a full life (the love of family and friends, the nurturing support as I went from a child, to an adolescent, and to an adult).

When I moved to the United States as a young adult, my life was filled with even more experiences -- successes, failures, even disappointments– all taking place in a big pond called New York City.  Here, I faced harsh realities only to meet them with courage; I was taken for granted by some, respected by others; lived impulsively at times, yet have learned to worked harder, steadier and smarter.

Ultimately I persevered. Today, I finally feel like I can connect the dots. What they ultimately project as a big picture…only God knows.
But today is not the end of a journey; I am not a finished project, but a work in progress, improving in quality at every moment. Despite the ups and downs, I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything else. They made me who I am.

So today I want to share a few things I have learned in life. These beliefs have allowed me to realize that we are “never alone” in this adventure called life, and that it’s up to us to create and shape our own future. These points may seem simple or obvious, but they are important, and they take time, patience, practice and passion to put into action.

·        Be yourself…STAY HUMBLE.
·        Have faith…BE STRONG.
·        Genuinely take an interest in others…LISTEN.
·        Help those in need…VOLUNTEER.
·        Build and foster relationships…NETWORK.
·        Be honest and let others know your intentions…SPEAK UP.
·        Knowledge is power…BE INFORMED.
·        Be open to learning and experiencing new things, people, cultures etc…STAY OPEN-MINDED.
·        Treat others as you would like to be treated. We’re all human beings and deserve to feel worthwhile…RESPECT OTHERS.
·        Share enough of yourself so others can understand you… SHARE.

      Live life to the fullest, within reason and know that you are blessed!

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