Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BAJAN FUSION presents Pon de FLO...Pon Performance Workshop

Pon de FLO...Pon Performance Workshop with Heather Fay and Bajan Diet Designs

BAJAN FUSION: Pon de FLO will be Pon de ROCK

The 2012 Bajan Fusion will be a special experience featuring New York City based Heather Fay, Founder and CEO of Pon De FLO® from June 25th to June 30 th in Barbados.
Heather is a current Town Sports International (TSI) New York Sports Clubs Instructor and Trainer, as well as an Independent Fitness Instructor and Professional Choreographer.
‘Pon de FLO’ is a Caribbean/ Reggae based dance fitness class, which incorporates high energy, easy to follow choreography and intense body strengthening moves.
The essence of this class is to let the energy of the music and choreography release all self inflicted boundaries we create for ourselves and allow us to just ‘FLO’ with the music. What better way to feel energy than through the hottest Caribbean and Reggae music around?! Dance is both body empowerment as well as a form of freedom and Pon de FLO brings you just that!
Here are benefits of Pon de FLO:
·         *For all ages, shapes, sizes and all levels of dance;
·         *Incorporates easy to follow choreography;
·         *Core movements and intense calisthenics which define and tone muscle, builds core strength, increases  flexibility and burns fat;
·         *Increases metabolic rate, builds endurance and stamina;
·         * An experience where a participant can not only improve their well being, but also feel an increase in energy and let their body flow
with the music without correction or judgment.
Heather is currently studying to become a nutritionist, as she believes nutrition and exercise go hand and hand to the success of a healthy weight and wellness. Being Vegan and a full time Instructor, Heather is advertising the importance of healthy eating habits alongside her Pon de FLO classes to enhance energy, health and over all well-being.
 Live to Dance… Dance to be Free…

Friday, June 15, 2012

BAJAN FUSION: Heather Fay with Pon de FLO

New York based Pro Fitness Instructor/ Master Zumba Trainer & 
Professional Choreographer


Dance aerobics unique to our region
Soca & Reggae Rhythms

The 2012 Bajan Fusion will be a special experience featuring Heather Fay, Founder and CEO of Pon De FLO. Heather is a current TSI New York Sports Clubs (NYSC) Instructor in New York City . 
Instructing Zumba and Hip-Hop classes for seven years in NYC, Heather has earned herself much creditability in the dance and fitness industry and a reputation as a Zumba Master Instructor. As a huge fitness advocate, Heather has always incorporated strength, core and plyometric exercises into her dance choreography to enhance the workout.
In 2011, Heather created ‘Pon de FLO®’; a Caribbean/ Reggae dance based fitness class which incorporates high intensity calisthenics and core movements with the hottest Caribbean and Reggae music out today. Although based in NYC, Pon de FLO® is quickly gaining popularity and expanding internationally.
On November 5, Heather presented in the Town Sports International (TSI) 2011 Summit in New York, where she lead an extremely successful session “The True Essence of Zumba”: Injury Prevention Techniques, to participants of all levels.
She earned certifications in Aerobic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), National Academy of Sports
Medicine (NASM), Mad Dogg Spin® and YogaFit®. In 2006 Heather graduated with a Degree in Visual/ Graphic Arts from Holyoke College.
“I believe dance is both body empowerment as well as a form of freedom. When you dance, dance uninhibitedly. Lose yourself in the music and rhythms, freeing yourself from all the self-inflicted boundaries and consciousness we stress upon ourselves living in today’s society. When you dance, dance like no one is watching. Allowing yourself true freedom to move, will not only have you feel uplifted, but you will also feel your body strengthening and becoming more flexible.”
Heather Fay

BAJAN FUSION: Sponsors, Strategic Partners and Contributors

June 25 - 30th,2012

THANK YOU to the below sponsors, strategic partners and contributors who are key in making this event possible:

Artistik Flava & Bajan Sun

Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited (ICBL)
Goddards Destination Management Company c/o Goddards Shipping & Tours Ltd.

Advantage Systems
Barbados Beach Club

Kirk Brown- Performing Artist and Bajan Fusion Ambassador
Heart & Stroke Foundation
Bajan Diet Designs
Dr. Kenneth George: Ministry of Health/NCD Commission
Aids Foundation of Barbados Inc.
Charles Gill, SiGi Risk

Girlfriends Foundation
SAVE Foundation- Service Alliance for Violent Encounters
Colour Coded
Regal Resource
DJs- Brian Irie, Fiba Dan, Power Serg, Vxyen246
Sound Barrier Entertainment
Tek 9: Entertainment Sound & Equipment Rental Services
Bridgetown Travel Agency
Williams Equipment
Carib Voice Radio
Bliss Hair & Accessories
Exquisite Cakes
Fresh 4 Less: Foot wear and Accessories
Graffiti House
A+ Tours & Events
Animal Flower Cave
T’amor Florist Barbados

Joining Forces…

Making A Difference…

T.E.A.M. - Together Everyone Achieves More

Fusing cultures…empowering ‘borderless’ communities


Monday, June 11, 2012

BAJAN FUSION: Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Conceptualizing Bajan Fusion was very easy, however the actual execution proved to be a difficult task. Nonetheless, I was up for the challenge as it was my first major project.  Experience has taught me, that when you believe strongly in anything , it is important to stand firm, keep fighting and work hard towards making "it" a reality despite the odds/obstacles.

Despite my desire to present the entire project to you, time constraints do not allow me to do so. However, I wanted to focus on an inspiring and dynamic individual who got a glimpse of the concept, liked it and was willing to offer his support .

The 2012 Bajan Fusion Ambassador and Performing Artiste:
KIRK BROWN- Award-winning Barbadian singer, music producer, deejay, model and businessman.

1.    On Saturday May 19th, 2012 I went on Kirk's Facebook page, got his business email address and sent him an introductory email @ 9:28 AM.

2.     At 9:55 AM, he responded via email and said he "loved the concept". He mentioned that he was "recording for cropover, and could we chat tomorrow?" and to “count him in”. I responded with excitement and he then followed-up with his contact details.

3.     On Sunday morning May 20th, we spoke, had good conversation, I spoke about relevant benefits to him as an artist, our intentions now and in the future. Like any business person, he questioned, he challenged, and expressed his sentiments. In the end, we were in agreement and ready to move forward.

From then ‘til now we've stayed in touch via cell/telephone, Gmail, Blackberry Messenger, and we even communicated while he was in Miami and London.
Talking about staying connected!
We now have less than 2 weeks to go before Bajan Fusion 2012 kicks off on June 25th, and Kirk and I have already finalized what he will require and what we will need to do as it relates to his performance.
I couldn't have asked for a better first "artiste" experience and relationship.

Be on the listen out and look out for us in the media coming soon!

As an HR Professional first, I was most impressed with Kirk Brown's:
1.    High level of professionalism
2.    Flexibility
3.    Effective Communicator and prompt in his follow-up
4.    Risk taking attitude towards a new concept
5.    Fun personality and hard worker


Fusing Cultures...Empowering 'Borderless' Communities...
Joining Forces...
Making A Difference...
Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM)

BARBADOS to the World!!!

June 25 - 30th