Thursday, February 9, 2012

COURAGE: The Terrific 6!

On January 31, 2012, I attended the Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation’s Forum entitled, "Row2Recovery- The Atlantic crossing"- a story of inspiration and courage. Despite the injuries, against all odds, where a team of six phenomenal men accomplished a task bigger than themselves.

Front row L-R
Lance Corporal Carl Anstey
Corporal Neil Heritage
Co-Founder Alex Mackensie

Back row L-R
Corporal Rory Mackensie
Co-Founder Ed Janvrin
Lieutenant Will Dixon 

Situation/Mission: “To help wounded servicemen and women to go beyond injury and achieve the extraordinary.”

Task: Launch a campaign “to shine a spotlight on people with disabilities and challenge misconceptions about what life is like for an injured soldier and their family.”

Action: “An Epic 3000 mile voyage across the Atlantic in a rowing boat to Barbados.”

Result/Mission accomplished: Arrived at Port St. Charles, Barbados after 52 days and greeted by family, friends, loved ones, the press and other parties.

They are truly STARS!

Not only was it a wow moment for me, I was humbled and inspired by their stories, experiences and perspective. It was such an honor to meet such amazing people.
Damian McKinney, CEO of McKinney Rogers said it best, "They are ordinary people doing extraordinary things."

It’s a journey one can only imagine and very difficult to understand, unless one have traveled that same path. We can however, appreciate and respect great service and a job well done. Simply Epic!

Advice & Tips gained from this extraordinary panel:
"Even people with the resources to help will question if what you're doing is possible."
"Belief makes a difference, dream big!"
"Find something you truly believe in, commit to it and then times that by 10." ~Alex Mackensie

"In life it's the people you love & the ones that love you that are the most important things."
"Never think you are worse off than anybody." ~Rory Mackensie

"Perspective does not allow you to have a down day." ~Will Dixon

"If you have the right people who work well together, you can overcome anything."
"Success in a decision, a state of mind, you can overcome the obstacles." ~Ed Janvrin

"Have the motivation and passion to keep going. Have a plan, work hard and don't give up." ~Carl Anstey

"You have a massive task, split it down, confirm accountability, move in and take control." ~Neil Heritage

I hope you are inspired by their honest and motivating words. This message is not only for entrepreneurs, but for anyone with a passion to achieve a specific goal(s).

Follow your dreams and allow yourself to shine! Remember to help others along the way. 

Peace & Love
Celia Collymore, Chief Purpose Driver

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